Curses! A Fractured Fairies’ Tale

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Curses! A Fractured Fairies' Tale


Curses! A Fractured Fairies’ Tale

An immersive theater experience for middle school-aged students

Friday | October 21 | 7  pm
Saturday | October 22 | 7 pm
Sunday | October 23 | 2 pm

BDACT Fine Arts Center – Kamps Auditorium

Tickets: Adults $10, Youth age 12 & under $5

Director/Instructor: Deb Meyer
Stagecraft Instructor: Tiffany Matras

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Presented through special arrangement with Big Dog Publishing


Middle School Students, join us for an exciting new in-depth theatre experience as we bring Curses! A Fractured Fairies’ Tale, to life!  This workshop will include learning acting techniques, blocking, and the many aspects of stagecraft. Whether you love being on stage, or working behind the scenes, this class is a must-do experience. Together, as a creative team we will stage three performances of this riotous little romp set in the magical land of Luxyluke.

This production will be rehearsed as a CLASS, with some participants learning lines while others are learning the technical elements of props, sets, costumes, lights and sound.  Casting is open to middle school aged children. Great opportunity for a more in-depth theatre experience.

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Audition dates:
Sunday | August 28 | 4:30–6:30  pm
Monday | August 29 | 4:30–6:30 pm

BDACT Fine Arts Center – Encore Hall

About Auditions

To audition children should prepare to:

  • Tell a 1-2 minute story about their favorite fairy tale character 
  • Demonstrate their best chicken imitation complete with clucking and strutting
  • Do a short reading from the script.

All participants—actors and stagecraft—must fill out the registration form above.

Auditions are not required for students interested in stagecraft, though limited to 10 spots. Sign up using the link above.

Character Descriptions

MARIGOLD: A rude, sarcastic fairy who is fearful of change; casts quirky spells on anyone who annoys her; lives with fellow fairies Dawna and Maura in a cozy cottage; her best friend is Morton the wizard; carries a broken magic wand; female. 

MAURA/OLD HAG: A fun-loving Martha Stewart-like fairy who is a bit obsessive-compulsive and loves to rearrange furniture, paint the walls different colors, fold napkins into doves or fish, and make scented candles; disguised as an Old Hag who speaks in verse and isn’t good at giving directions; as Old Hag wears a hooded cloak and carries a walking stick; female. 

DAWNA: A self-absorbed fairy who is fixated on her hair and clothes and hopes to marry a mortal stud muffin; wears an assortment of colorful clothes under her brightly colored cape with hood; has red hair and carries around a hand mirror so she can admire herself; female. 

PRINCESS WEEGELIA: A princess who constantly hums; used to live with Marigold, Maura, and Dawna; hates squirrels and berries; female. 

PRINCE YEWDL: Princess Weegelia’s husband who tries to appear strong and self-confident but suffers from the trauma of battling an evil dragon; afraid of storms, wild boars, and Marigold’s spells; male. 

MORTON/MR. GRIMM: Morton, a 480-year-old wizard and Marigold’s best friend, has disguised himself as Mr. Grimm, a recovery/support group leader who helps fairytale characters; as Mr. Grimm he speaks with a soothing tone and is dressed in black and wears a black hat; as Morton he has a roaring voice, a long gray beard, and wears a cape and wizard’s hat; male. (Note: His face is hidden to the audience until revealed at the end.) 

GROUCHY: Gruff, grumpy dwarf from the Snow White story who attends Mr. Grimm’s support group; complains endlessly about Snow White; flexible. 

WENDALL: Woodsman from the Snow White story who attends Mr. Grimm’s support group; guilt-wracked, depressed, and remorseful for leaving Snow White in the woods; male. 

JACK: Character from the Jack and the Beanstalk story who attends Mr. Grimm’s support group; addicted to beans and appears nervous and desperate; speaks with a Norwegian accent; male. 

MOUSE 1-6: Village of Luxyluke residents who have been turned into mice by Marigold; nonspeaking; wear mouse costumes and use squeaky toys to squeak; flexible. (Note: May be played by children or adults.) 

ROYAL GUARDS 1, 2: Nonspeaking; flexible. 

EXTRAS (opt.): As additional Mice and Guards.

Class Information

Class Fee: $40 for the semester
(Please pay in full by first rehearsal on Sept. 6th.)

Class fee includes a t-shirt and class materials.

Rehearsal days and times:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30–6:30 pm
September 6–October 13

October 15, Saturday morning 9 am–Noon (tech)
October 17–20

BDACT Fine Arts Center – Encore Hall

Tickets on sale soon

NOTE: By purchasing tickets, you and members of your party agree to adhere to BDACT’s 2022 COVID-19 Policies.


  • BDACT Box Office
    117 W. Maple Ave., Beaver Dam (920-885-6891)
    Tuesday & Thursday 10 am–4 pm

Volunteers are needed
to usher, sell tickets, and concessions.

About the Show

Curses! A Fractured Fairies’ Tale

By Deb Meyer

Curses! A Fractured Fairies’ Tale is a playful romp centered on a cranky fairy, named Marigold, who casts random quirky spells on anyone who irritates her. She’s turned the villagers in Luxyluke into mice, and the rugged Prince Yewdyl into a chicken. When she discovers her best friend, Morton, a wise old Wizard, may have been passing through Luxuluke when she cursed it, she goes off on a spirited quest to find him and reverse the curse. 

The cast and crew for this production learned acting techniques, blocking, and the many aspects of stagecraft through participation in a BDACT theatre arts class.