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Another opening, another different kind of show!!!

Just recently, several BDACT members grabbed at the idea of performing without the need to memorize lines while, at the same time, adding another facet to BDACT’s ever-growing “Theatre for Everyone.” Readers Theatre is a style of theater in which the actors give interpretive readings while seated, without costumes, props, scenery, or special lighting. Typically, Readers Theatre is presented live in front of an audience, but since the coronavirus stopped that cold, our readers group realized this might work as a virtual production. So, we jumped right in, willing to face the unpredictable technical challenges. We hope you agree that it worked out pretty well. Of course, we need to learn more, but this is just the beginning!  The Readers’ Theatre is open to proposals by anyone who’d like to step into this new media with all of its challenges as well as all of the fun. We’re particularly excited about this theater form since it also opens the door to those who may not be able to participate in full-fledged stage productions, but who would enjoy an opportunity like this. Of course, we’re looking forward to the first time that BDACT’s new Reader’s Theatre performs for you “live” at the BDACT Fine Arts Center! See the entire playlist of Readers Theater shows below.

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