It is the goal of the BDACT Board to be debt free.  We currently carry approximately $350,000 in debt used to build the Fine Arts Center.  Being debt free will allow us to invest in our mission and serve the community better.  There are 2 primary ways to be recognized in support of the construction of the Fine Arts Center: Main Donor Board and Seat Name Plates.  All donations over $1,000 will be listed on our 2 main donor boards in the Lobby and Encore Hall.  All seat name plates will be affixed to the back of the seats in the Kamps Auditorium.  All donations are appreciated and will be listed in a bound book located in the lobby.

Consider the gift of appreciated assets instead of cash whenever you prefer to avoid capital gains tax.  Donate to BDACT from your IRA or tax deferred account to eliminate paying state & federal income taxes.  Consult your tax advisor.

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