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The stage should only be dark between scenes…

But these are interesting times for BDACT and the Beaver Dam community.

We have been paying close attention to the evolving COVID-19 news and we will continue to do so for some time. Our top priority continues to be the safety and health of our guests, performers, volunteers, and staff. The show will go on and we look forward to inviting you into our theater when it’s safe to do so.

While our stage remains dark, volunteers and staff have been busy.

  • Props and costumes are now organized in the newly completed storage rooms on the third floor.
  • The dance and rehearsal space has been renovated with fresh coats of paint and plaster repairs.
  • A variety of tools and supplies are now safely stored and organized in the new scene shop.
  • The makeup and green room on the first floor is now complete and ready to be filled with staff and performers.
  • Children’s theater directors are currently developing online opportunities for young performers this summer.
  • The Show Selection Committee is considering options to bring theater online with virtual entertainment opportunities.
  • Exciting plans are underway for the 2021 season.

Consider donating to BDACT

Our mission is to entertain, educate, and connect. We have come a long way since putting on our first show in 1964. With your continued support, the theater will continue to grow and offer more entertainment to you and the community for years to come. We will get through these times together and when it’s safe to enjoy a show again inside of the theater, we promise you it will be well worth the wait.

NOTE: Any calendar year donations that total $75 or more entitle you to BDACT Individual Patron Membership and benefits.


$10 could buy paper to print scripts

$25 could buy 1 gallon of stage paint

$50 could buy batteries for wireless microphones

$75 could buy one costume wig

$125  could rent a costume for 1 show

$175 could by internet service for 1 month

$250 could pay recycling and waste service for 1 month

$350 could buy props for a Tell-A-Tale Children’s Theatre show

$500 could buy building materials for 1 set

$1000 could buy 1 new LED stage light