Why Theater?

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Why Theater?


“I regard the theater as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.”  – Thornton Wilder


That’s a great quote for performers and audiences alike. In an effort to share the world of theater with you, the reader, this forum discusses individual aspects of theater at BDACT. But the question at the beginning of it all, is “Why theater in the first place?” Why choose theater as the place to spend your time, your talents, and your financial support?

The world is filled with a seemingly endless variety of hobbies, activities, and interests: sports, music, literature, history, travel, education, art, adventure, entertainment, and endless vocational paths. That list doesn’t even scratch the surface. It seems that youth are especially bombarded with an overload of such choices. Some kids try out many of these at the same time. My youngest daughter was like that. It seems like every other day there was a sporting event, a musical concert, or a play she was involved in. I guess that’s how we each begin to figure out who we are and what we like.

 As we get older, we find our list of interests getting very small, mainly due to having to work, pay bills, or raise a family. Often when the kids are grown and gone, or we retire, we revisit some of those interests we had as a child or wanted to dabble in but never had the chance.

That brings me back to my first question. Why theater? Why do kids, teens, and adults of every age and background choose to be involved in theater? If you know me, you know what I’m about to say. Theater is the place where many interests intersect. Are you interested in physical activity? Try learning a few dance routines for a show. Do you love literature? There are amazing scripts written by outstanding authors, and learning the language of a show is always enlightening. Do you have skills as a designer, engineer, builder, sewer, or writer? Or perhaps you have skills in accounting, financial management, volunteering, teaching, customer service or office work? We could use your help in the theater.

What about music? Yep, the theater has you covered there. Want to learn history? Try reading or watching an historical play. Love art? Come learn how to paint scenery (we’ll teach you) or attend the show just to see the amazing sets, lights, and costumes. Are you adventurous, a risk-taker? There is certainly nothing as “outside the comfort zone” as standing up in front of an audience of friends and strangers and performing. Theater is a place to learn, to entertain and be entertained, and to achieve personal growth in the areas of teamwork, self-esteem, networking, focus, positivity, developing friendships, creativity and boundless imagination.

I can’t imagine my life without theater. I guess that’s why they say once you’ve been involved in a show as a member or the cast or crew, you get “the bug.” It becomes a lifelong practice, even an obsession. Of all the things that a person can get addicted to, theater is a great choice. If you’ve already gotten that bug, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re interested in finding out what that’s all about, contact us. We have opportunities aplenty for you to get involved with theater. Even if that level of involvement for you means coming to the theater again and again to be entertained and feel the magic that happens on the stage. We’ll be happy to share our buffet of theater options for your viewing pleasure.

Consider this your open invitation to experience all that theater has in store for you at BDACT. We really are excited about sharing this magical world with you! So now the question is, “Why NOT theater?”

Please check our Facebook page or our website for all the info you need. As always, I can be reached with questions regarding anything related to BDACT at managingdirector@bdact.org or (920) 887-6891.

In the next newsletter, we’ll celebrate Tell A Tale children’s theater, this year marking 50 years since its humble beginnings here at BDACT!