Submit a for a Song Mashup

Hey Everyone! Do you want to to take part in a fun little project? Submit a video to participate in our very first BDACT MashUp! Parts of everyone’s video will be pieced together to create a unique compilation video.

Who can participate? Anyone! All ages welcome!

  1. Click this link:
  2. Video Record yourself:
    1. Introduce yourself
    2. Sing the entire song acapella (please use earphones when recording so the instrumental music is not heard in your recording)
    3. Be aware of what is in the background of your image and do not have the camera facing a window.
    4. Try to have the camera at eye level or a little higher for the best angle.
  3. Send your video recording to
  4. DEADLINE to submit your video: July 13, 2020
  5. Visit our Web Page, YouTube Page or Facebook page  to see the final product

Send any questions to

Thank you for participating!