The Many Benefits of Becoming a BDACT Patron

  • Business Patrons – Reserved for a business name listing.
  • Individual Patron – Individual or Family name only.
  • Contribution Level – At or above the indicated dollar amount.
  • Main Stage Playbill Listing – Patron Listing in all of BDACT 4 main stage playbills in the calendar year. Listing order and font size will be determined by patron level.
  • BDACT Board of Directors Patron Reception – Opening Night only. One hour prior to curtain lobby will be open for patrons.   Complimentary snacks will be available. One half hour before the General Public is admitted.
  • Complimentary Main Stage Beverage – Free Beverage at any main stage show in the calendar year; number indicated in table is per main stage show.
  • Annual Dinner Ticket – Free ticket(s) to the BDACT Annual Dinner; number indicated in table.
  • Photo Op – Photo Opportunity for Patron with listing on the BDACT Website thanking Patron for their generous support.

Become a Patron Member – Online

Signup to become a patron member by completing the form.

Become a Patron Member – By Mail

Use the link below to download the BDACT patron form. Complete the form and mail it along with your check, payable to BDACT.

Mailing Address:

BDACT Patron Membership
P.O. Box 216
Beaver Dam, WI  53916

Business Patron Levels

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Contribution $250 $400 $750 $1,500
Prominent Playbill Bold Placement
Patron Opening Night BDACT Board Pre Show Reception
Complimentary Main Stage Beverage Per Show 2 2 4 4
Complimentary Annual Dinner Ticket 2 2 2 2
Photo Op