JoAnn (Gehrke) Wahlen

JoAnn (Gehrke) Wahlen worked for BDACT for 5 years. We are all saddened by her passing. If you didn’t know her, you probably ate some popcorn that she made or possibly bought a ticket from her. She worked for most performances at BDACT and was instrumental at making those events go smoothly for our patrons. JoAnn loved cooking up popcorn and became known as the Popcorn Colonel in the concession stand. Nobody else could make it as good as she could or clean the machine better (and she let us know). If you are a BDACT patron, she was one of our patron managers. She loved watching productions progress through rehearsals and we often had to hold her back from posting videos before the cast was at their best. JoAnn especially loved when we had youth productions and made sure she had Band-Aids ready, juice boxes available, and activity books for kids who didn’t bring anything for downtime. JoAnn will be missed!