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Help BDACT Start 2022 Strong!

The Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre and The Fine Arts Center were built by and for the people of this area with a mission to entertain, educate, and connect. With your support we’ve come a long way since presenting our first show in 1964.

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted our plans and operations. With your generous financial gifts, we will get through these challenging times and continue to grow and offer more quality entertainment in a safe and friendly environment for our community for years to come.

NOTE: Any calendar year donations that total $75 or more entitle you to BDACT Individual Patron Membership and benefits.


$10 could buy paper to print scripts

$25 could buy 1 gallon of stage paint

$50 could buy batteries for wireless microphones

$75 could buy one costume wig

$125  could rent a costume for 1 show

$175 could buy internet service for 1 month

$250 could pay recycling and waste service for 1 month

$350 could buy props for a Tell-A-Tale Children’s Theatre show

$500 could buy building materials for 1 set

$1000 could buy 1 new LED stage light