Peas and Harmony with BDACT and
Compass Creative Dramatics


What is this program?  

Your child will learn and grow throughout the week as an individual, valued part of a collaborative team.

Compass Creative Dramatics residencies encourage students to have fun and explore the dramatic arts by participating in a full production of a classic children's story. During their theatre residency, kids will be part of a collaborative artistic process that encourages teamwork -- while still inspiring them to take ownership of and pride in their unique ideas and capabilities.


Theatre residencies are a great opportunity to make new friends.

Students are grouped by age for the afternoon activities, allowing age-appropriate lesson planning.  They are integrated during rehearsals, so your student will learn how to collaborate with students from first grade up through middle school students.


CCD encourages kids to expand their horizons by stretching their creativity muscles.

Our programming encourages imagination and critical thinking, providing a safe environment in which kids can take healthy risks and explore their strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the week, our students learn about themselves and discover how to turn their limitations into assets.


CCD residencies are a great way to supplement previous and ongoing theatre experience, or to introduce students to theatre for the first time.

Since the program is designed to be customized and flexible to a wide variety of ages, experience, and talents, we are able to adjust the teaching and guidance as well as the level of difficulty for each student, which means that whether your child is a veteran of the stage or a first-timer, we'll be glad to help nurture them and challenge them to further growth.


Schedule: Each day, the tour actor/educators will rehearse with the students for three hours plus one 15-minute break.

On Monday, the directors meet the children and cast them in their roles through a simple, no-pressure audition -- no preparation necessary.  After the audition, roles are announced and rehearsal schedules are distributed.  Some children will then be dismissed until the next day, and others will stay for a fifteen-minute break and a half-hour rehearsal.

On Tuesday, the rehearsal times are staggered, so once again, not all students will be required to be there the entire three hours.  Please keep in mind, however, that in order to participate in the auditions, the students must be available for all rehearsal times.

On Wednesday and Thursday, all students are called for the entire rehearsal, including a fifteen-minute structured break.

On Friday, all students are called for a dress rehearsal.

Saturday is two performances of the show!


Who:  BDACT with Compass Creative Dramatics and anyone in 1st-8th grade.

What:  A week long theatre experience. Audition, rehearse, and perform a unique version of The Princess and the Pea in just one week!

The trumpets blare, and with them come swashbuckling jesters, dancing peas, a pompous royal entourage, and a zany collection of other delightful kingdom characters!
Everyone's at odds when the time comes for the comic-book-loving prince to find the right girl ​amongst a gaggle of silly princesses. Peas & Harmony is a quirky retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's The Princess & The Pea, in which showing respect might just pave the road to happily ever after!

Where:  Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre, 219 N. Spring St. 920-885-6891

When:  Auditions-Monday, January 15—4:30-7:45 PM

Rehearsals-Tuesday, January 16-Friday, January 19—4:30-7:45 PM

                        Performances-Saturday, January 20—2:00 PM & 7:00 PM

                        (all times are mandatory)

How much:  Registration is $30 per child. Please mail this registration form and money (checks made out to BDACT) to the below address. There are only 75 spots available and will be filled as registrations are received. If spots are available, registration will also be available at auditions on Monday, January 15. 


219 N. Spring St.

Beaver Dam, WI 53916. 



The Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre has become a vital organization for our communities, offering so much opportunity for education and entertainment to everyone of all ages. For our youth, it is a “door” to explore their talents and future career choices, as well as a way to build their self-esteem and enjoy positive childhood experiences. For adults, it gives opportunities to discover and show talents, to build skills, to establish new friendships, and to gain a great sense of pride in their accomplishments.


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