Photo Copy: Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt presented a grant award from The Dodge County Crime Prevention Funding Board to (l. to r.) organization representatives Annette Kamps, BDACT; Teresa Nienow, PAVE; and Lynn Seibel, C.A.R.E., for a collaborative project to solicit writings from those who are affected by, or who have observed the devastating impact of the opioid crisis in the county.   The writings will be presented as staged readings by the Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre in late January.



Dodge County Crime Prevention Funding Board Awards Grant


A newly established grant from the Dodge County Crime Prevention Funding Board is making it possible for three local non-profit organizations to partner for a program, “With One Voice, Letters from the Opioid Crisis Zone,” that directly addresses the critical opioid crisis in the county. PAVE (People Against a Violent Environment), C.A.R.E. (Community Awareness and Recovery Environment) for Dodge County, and BDACT (Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre) are offering city and county agencies and individuals of all ages an opportunity, through their own writings, to share experiences and observations that raise awareness and confront the opioid issue in a personal, tangible way. These writings will ultimately be performed as staged readings for the public at the Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre in late January. In addition to the readings of significant essays, stories, poems, letters, or writings in any other format, the theater program will include relevant music interludes. A panel led by professional resource people will follow the presentation, with an opportunity for audience discussion.

Submissions of writing can be sent to “Voice” BDACT/ PO Box 219, Beaver Dam, until December 8, 2017. BDACT Director Annette Kamps said, “Theater is an exceptional vehicle for bringing important issues like this to the forefront. It’s an effective way for the community to share experiences and learn from each other within a safe environment.” The impact of this vital program will completely depend upon the writings that we receive.” She assures those who want to submit their thoughts and experiences should not be concerned about writing abilities. Rather, the focus will be on sincerity and personal perspective. “We’re hoping to receive writings from a broad spectrum of people -- parents, students, teachers, health professionals, counselors, law enforcement officers, social service personnel and more, who have experienced or who observe the devastating impact of the opioid crisis. Learning from diverse sources promotes understanding and, hopefully, motivates action and prevention.”

PAVE Executive Director Teresa Nienow sees this project as another way to fulfill PAVE’s mission to empower those affected by violence in Dodge County.  “We do this by using a three-part approach - crisis services, community collaboration, and prevention education. By collaborating with BDACT and C.A.R.E. to solicit experiences and offer opportunities for public discussion, we will be taking another step in prevention education.”

C.A.R.E. Vice-President Brenda Tratar said that this project helps her organization meet its goals to empower families who are choosing a life of recovery in Dodge County. “By bringing awareness, education and prevention to our community we hope to bridge the gap between addiction and recovery. We are grateful for the support from the county’s Crime Prevention Funding Board and we are doing everything possible to encourage participation.” She explained that although a committee will select the writings that will be performed on the BDACT stage, all submitted writings will be published and distributed to the audiences. Authors may choose to be acknowledged or may be anonymous.

This is the first year that the Crime Prevention Funding Board is offering the grant which will cover project costs. Sheriff Dale Schmidt, chair of the council, said, “As a collaborative crime prevention program to raise awareness and involve the general public, this project meets the grant criteria, and we are pleased that all net profits will be donated to PAVE and C.A.R.E to support their work.” The sheriff explained that the board will continue to consider grant awards for additional proposals. The 2017 Crime Prevention Funding Board members include Sheriff Schmidt, District Attorney Kurt Klomberg, Juneau Chief of Police David Beal, Beaver Dam Mayor Rebecca Glewen, County Administrator James Mielke, Attorney Gene Kirschbaum, and Attorney Jacquelyn Wolter.

Forms are also available at the Beaver Dam Community Library and with school and public agency representatives throughout the county, or call 920-887-2093/ email 


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